Looking For A Qualified Day Care Center For Your Child?

You have come to right place! In comparison to traditional education; which stresses learning through reading, writing, listening, watching, and rote memorization; the Montessori Method emphasizes learning through each one of the five senses in order to instill a profound sense of self-awareness in relation to the world around them.

Here at Joyous Montessori, children learn at their own individual pace and get to choose what they want to learn about and which learning activities to participate in.

Building relationships and awareness

Here at Joyous, we offer a clean, spacious, and aesthetically pleasing environment that encourages diverse activities with lots of interaction and movement.

Invaluable Life Skills and Learning habits

Children are given the ability to explore their inner selves and find a way of learning that works best for them.

“My daughter has gone to this school for 2 years. We are so comfortable with the staff, that even after moving we chose to keep her in this school (30 minute commute for a preschool is a big deal to me). My daughter is now 3 and she’s wayyyy ahead of most peers. She’s great with practical/life skills (pours her own juice and can make a bowl of cereal on her own to name a couple), knows site words & is starting to read a little, has great comprehension and communication skills, and overall is very mature since the school focuses on life skills as much as academics. I plan to keep her here through kindergarten. Highly recommend.”

Chauncey Pham